The Route South

Friday, April 10, 2015

Vero Beach

We stop at Vero Beach every year, usually twice - once going north and once going south.  We have never stayed long, generally grabbing a mooring for the night and making a quick departure the next morning.  But within the cruising community Vero has the nickname "Velcro Beach" because it is such a cruiser-friendly spot.  So we decided to check it out this trip.  We broke with tradition and took a slip for a few nights to make it easier to explore.  Today we had lunch with Krogen friends Steve & Sandy, spending three hours catching up and swapping lies about boats and RVs.  It was a great afternoon!

Nice neighbor!

Nice neighborhood!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

We're outta' here!

After being stuck in one spot for over five months, we are finally back to traveling!

It's been quite a winter. Cindy had a knee replaced and Randy had his gall bladder removed. In the middle of all that there was plenty of physical therapy, boat projects and doctors appointments, (eye, orthopedic surgeon, general surgeon and family practice doc) for both of us.  Of course interspersed with the drudge we made time for dinners with friends, or a glass (or two) of wine.  Sometimes both. Oh yeah, we found time to sell the motor home too.

But Cindy has graduated from her physical therapy program and I've been signed off by the surgeon so, as Jackie Gleason used to say, we're outta' here!

Next stop...Vero Beach.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Postcard from the Bahamas #8

Hope Town is a prosperous little community.  Clearly, tourism is its main industry and there must be hundreds of rental houses and a couple of small hotels.  Some are new and modern but the real plums are the old cottages which have been rehabbed.
We are enjoying our stay in Hope Town.  Its fun to revisit our old haunts and see what’s new in town, but we will be moving again soon.

Best Regards,
Randy & Cindy
Morning Star
lying Hope Town,Abaco, Bahamas

Hummingbird Cottage is a rehabbed old cottage which does double duty as an art gallery.  It is beautiful inside!
Hopetown Harbour Lodge has been here since before we started coming to the Abacos almost 40 years ago.  25 rooms in a wonderful setting.  The pool and outdoor bar/restaurant sit on top of the bluff overlooking the beach and ocean reef.
Another rental overlooking the harbor.
The view from the public park.  A beautiful, tranquil setting.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Postcard from the Bahamas #7

Easter Sunday in Hope Town!
The place was buzzing with activity.
There was an open-air Catholic Mass under the trees at the water’s edge by the Town Dock.
The whole town came out for the Easter Egg Hunt, held after Sunday School let out, on “The Grassy Hill” next to the Fire Station.  What great fun!

Now remember, this is an island and space is limited and can’t be wasted. The Grassy Hill does double duty as a public park complete with a memorial to those lost at sea in a ship wreck in 1942.  But its original use was as a burial ground for 100 victims of the cholera epidemic back in the 1800’s.  

We hope you had as nice an Easter Sunday as the crew of Morning Star.  
It was a beautiful day!

Best Regards,
Randy & Cindy
Morning Star
lying Hope Town,Abaco, Bahamas

The view from the top of the hill.
On your mark, get set, GO!!

We’re all kids in Hope Town!

Dinghy dock - Hope Town Sailing Club-Easter Sunday morning.

Postcard from the Bahamas #6

After almost a week, we left GTC, headed to Hope Town.  
There is a shallow area between Whale Cay and Treasure Cay which prevents passing through the area and requiring you to run through the notorious Whale Cay Passage, out into the Atlantic and back inside by Guana Cay.  It is normally no big deal unless there is a “Rage” on…a condition caused by strong NE winds.  While we didn’t have a rage, the wind has been blowing pretty good for over a week and there was a large swell to contend with.  Fortunately not enough to be dangerous, just a bit uncomfortable.
Hope Town was the prize at the end of the trip and we picked up a mooring shortly after lunch.

Best Regards,
Randy & Cindy
Morning Star
lying Hope Town,Abaco, Bahamas

The view out our back door.  You can’t come to Hope Town without the obligatory lighthouse photo.
Summer Magic.  There plenty of cottages for rent in Hope Town.
Darkness and Chaos?  Not in my life!

Postcard from the Bahamas #5

We first visited Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar in 1974 and were the only white folks there that night.
Miss Emily claims to have “invented” the Goombay Smash - a claim that I’ve never heard disputed.

Miss Emily passed away a few years ago but her granddaughter served me a cold beer.
Kalik claims to be the national beer of the Bahamas - I don’t know if that’s true but it sure hit the spot on a hot afternoon.
The ceiling is covered with autographed tee shirts and the walls a covered with business cards and dollar bills.
The bar is also a restaurant now and about three or four times bigger than it was in ’74.
Business is good.  Miss Emily would be proud.

Tomorrow we leave for Hope Town.

Best Regards,
Randy & Cindy
Morning Star
lying Hope Town,Abaco, Bahamas

Postcard from the Bahamas #4

Enjoying our time in Green Turtle Cay.  We haven’t been here in over 25 years! 
Its been fun to poke around town and see the changes…and see what has remained the same.
Some of the older folks have passed on and some of the kids are running their family businesses, with kids of their own.
Saturday night we went to the benefit barbecue at the town basketball court.  The weather held off and it was a great benefit for the elementary school.  
Lots of cruisers mixed in with the town folks.

Best Regards,
Randy & Cindy
Morning Star
lying Hope Town,Abaco, Bahamas

Nordhavn 46 “Emily Grace”.  Tom, Kim and daughter Emily have just completed
a 6 year circumnavigation.  Emily was 8 years old when they left home!
Nice moorings in Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay.