The Route South

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

If It Suddenly Ended Tomorrow…

If it suddenly ended tomorrow,
I could somehow adjust to the fall.
Good times and riches and son-of-a-bitches
I’ve seen more than I can recall.
“Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”
Jimmy Buffett - 1977

At 8:30 on Christmas morning our lives changed suddenly. Chuck was gone. For 45 of my 59 years, he was, in every way, my father. He was two weeks shy of 86 years old yet his passing was totally unexpected. Thankfully, we were there. Sister Jane and Sam flew in from Philadelphia that afternoon. We all grieved in our own way. We held a memorial service that completely filled the church. Then suddenly, life was supposed to go back to normal.

Cindy & I have not, by any measure, lived a normal life the last two years. When we awaken in the morning, we seldom remember exactly where we are. Traveling will do that to you. But we always said that we would wander while we could because we wanted to be there when elderly parents needed us. That day is here and we now are redefining our lives - no longer wanderers, but companions, caregivers and responsible adult children.

So after the new pilings are installed, Morning Star will once again be coming home to Clearwater. No one knows what the future holds. We do know that we want to wander some more. There is still so much that we haven’t seen. But for right now, this is OK. We’ll take what tomorrow brings. After all, as Jimmy pointed out, we’ve already seen more than we can recall.