The Route South

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello All Stations - Hello All Stations

After lying nearly dormant for almost three years, Morning Star is getting ready to cruise again.  Not a Dock Queen any longer - no, she was meant to be a cruising boat after all.  Currently she is out of the water at a yard in St. Pete.  We prefer to think of her being at "summer camp",  getting some fairly extensive refit work done.  The new holding tank, new depth sounder, new oil cooler, new water heater and a bottom job are the major items but the list of small niggling items is large.  We are making up for three years of deferred maintenance.
On the Hard

In the spirit of all that, we have a new website.  Be sure to bookmark ,the new home for all things related to Morning Star, her travels and her crew.  I have completed migrating the information from the old site and am now working on the photos.  Talkspot, our former site host has changed their program and is no longer supporting their old format.  Since I had to make a change, I decided on the site you are looking at.  It will allow me to embed photos into the text of the blog, making them more pertinent to the text you are reading.  It has the capability to do video clips, although I don't think I have that ability...yet.

The new site is in Blog format.  That means the newest post is always at the top.  At present there is a list of recent posts to the right and a archive section below that.  At the bottom of the page you have the option to go to the Home page, the previous post or the next post.  Embedded photos can be viewed enlarged by simply clicking on them.  I hope this makes for easier viewing.

One day soon we will be able to post updates of our cruising.  We can't wait!