The Route South

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Marine Corps Camp Lejune in North Carolina.
Freedom isn't free!

Memorial Day means a lot to me.  Cindy and I both had fathers who fought with the U.S. military during World War Two.  Of course, that's because World War One, the "War To End All Wars", didn't.  And though the "Greatest Generation" was successful against Hitler and Hirohito, that still wasn't enough.  Korea came shortly after WWII.  My generation had Viet Nam.  Chip's generation had Gulf Wars One and Two.  Now we have Afghanistan and Iraq.  Sadly, there doesn't appear to be an end in sight.  The history of the world is a constant repetition of old men sending young men to war.

But regardless of your politics, there is no denying the sacrifice that the young men and women of our country make is huge.  The Viet Nam Vets got it right. "All gave some, some gave all".

Purely by coincidence, today finds us at anchor just off the ICW, in Mile Hammock Bay, on the shores of the Marine Corps' Camp Lejune and today we honor all those vets, the current group of warriors as well as those who have gone before. The sacrifices they and their families made and make, past and present, allow us to live the life we live.

Thanks Den.
Thanks Chuck.
Thanks Pick.
You guys are my heros.