The Route South

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Too Hot To Cruise!?

Man, its been hot here.  The same high pressure that has been bringing record-setting heat to most of the country has been scorching the Chesapeake.  We saw a solid week of temperatures above 100 degrees, with the maximum read on our outdoor thermometer of 108 degrees!  I got my infa-red thermometer and took a few readings.  The side of the boat read 120 degrees, the blue cove stripe was over 130 degrees and the concrete dock came in at 137 degrees!  No one in the marina was moving.  We would do a few chores in the morning and then spend the afternoon hiding in the air conditioning or going to the pool.  When the weather finally "broke"(still high temps of 95-99 degrees), we talked about doing a short cruise.  But the more we talked about it, the less sense it made.  Why leave our marina, with a pool and air conditioning on the boat just to travel to another marina and swim in their pool before hiding out in the air conditioning?  For less money, we can rent a car.  So a quick call to our friends at Enterprise and for less than $75 we had wheels from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon.

Saturday morning we took our Australian boat neighbors, Peter and Maggie, to the Amish Market outside of Mechanicsville.  We all stocked up on fresh veggies and baked goods.  After lunch, Cindy & I ran up to Annapolis to pick up a few things from Fawcetts and West Marine.  Our Krogen friends, Steven and Sharon, called and asked us to do them a favor so on the way home, we stopped by Herrington Harbor Marina, picked up their car and ferried it back to Solomons.

Amish transportation.

The Maryland State Flower.

Colorful vegetables.

Sorry for the quality of the photos.
We forgot the camera and all I had was my cell phone.

There are few things we like more than a good road trip or a ride in the country.  We used the car to run errands and tour around a few places we hadn't previously seen. Lunch was on the road at Broome Island and we met Dr. Jane and Fuller for dinner in Chesapeake Beach on Sunday evening.

We are barely able to keep up with the boat chore list.  No sooner is one thing checked off the list and two more things are added.  We have made a good dent in our teak painting project and have sewn up some new sun shades for the cockpit.  But the list still grows!  Oh well, next week we will be in Maine!  We need a vacation!