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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Natural Disaster Week!!

Its Natural Disaster Week on The Discovery Channel  Morning Star!

Randy had a regularly scheduled trip to Clearwater to visit Mom and fill in for Chip while he went to Maine on vacation.  Cindy, as usual, stayed aboard Morning Star at our summer home port, Calvert Marina, in Solomons, MD.

Tuesday, May 23, 2011
Our friends Pam and John live aboard their Krogen 42, Compass Rose, in Annapolis.  Pam drove down to Solomons for lunch with Cindy.  They ate lunch aboard Morning Star and were sitting in the cockpit, talking and enjoying the afternoon when, at 1:15 PM, the boat started to vibrate.  So did the dock, the pilings and the water.  It was an earthquake!  A 5.8 magnitude quake was centered in Mineral, Virginia, only 115 miles away!  Although rural Solomon suffered no signifiant damage, the same couldn't be said in Washington DC.  The White House, Capitol building and Pentagon were partially evacuated and the stresses caused by the quake damaged the National Cathedral, closing it for several weeks.  That tall obelisk, the Washington Monument, suffered major structural damage and is still closed at the time of this writing.  The earthquake was felt as far away as Boston and Toronto!

Damage at the National Cathedral.
AP photo

Evacuating the Capitol.
AP photo

Friday, May 26, 2011
When we left Clearwater, our insurance company gave us a HUGE discount on our boat insurance since Morning Star would be out of Florida during hurricane season.  Yeah, right! 

Looks like Irene is going to visit the Chesapeake!

They certainly predicted the track of Irene correctly!

Cindy spent Friday moving Morning Star to a large covered slip and getting ready for Hurricane Irene.  She did Morning Star proud backing into the slip, a feat that did not go unnoticed by other Krogen owners.  John Holum, from the KK58 Solveig III, emailed  Krogen friends about hurricane preparedness- "Can't speak for Randy except to note that Cindy backed their vessel into a covered slip like a pro yesterday."  I was proud!  Krogen friends Bob and Nancy Anderson (KK39, Puffin) helped get the bimini top folded and Mike and Peggy (KK42, Avalon) helped move the boat into the shed and tie her up.  

Doubled-up the dock lines and hung the fenders.

Added additional lines on both sides of the boat.

Doubled the bow lines and taped the hatches.

Through the years we have owned many different boats and prepped most of them for hurricanes at one time or the other.  It kinda' goes with the territory.  So, as the saying goes, this wasn't Cindy's first rodeo.  Although we rode out Hurricane Ernesto together here in Solomons in 2006, not this time.  So after satisfying herself that she had done all she could, she left for Annapolis and Dr. Jane's and Fuller's house to ride out the storm.

Sandbagging Annapolis 
Sandbags and plywood.
Boats out of the water in preparation for the storm.

Boats "on the hard".

The storm blew through on Saturday and the power went off later that night.  By Sunday it was over.  Cindy drove her rental car back to check on Morning Star and found her patiently waiting to be moved back to the floating dock.  Not even a scratch!  Since the power was out in Annapolis, she decided to stay in Solomons aboard Morning Star Sunday night.  Monday afternoon I flew back to BWI.  Cindy met me at the airport and we hurried back to Solomons for the Survival Party!

After a few days of putting the boat back together we decided to head over to the Eastern Shore for a little cruise.  We had a pleasant day going to Hudson Creek, off the Little Choptank River and then up to the beautiful Wye River before going to the Chester River and Langford Creek.  The weather report chased us over to Annapolis where we sat in the rain for four days, waiting out the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee!

Earthquake.  Hurricane.  Tropical Storm.  Cindy says that if there's a plague of locusts, she's leaving town!