The Route South

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get Ready...Get Set.........Go!

Its been a month since the log has been updated.  Its not because there hasn't been anything going on.  Quite the contrary - we've both been so busy that there hasn't been enough time to sit and write.

Sunday, September 18, 2011
Today is the Calvert County Watermen's Festival.  The big draw is the boat docking contest.  It is done single-handed, from single-engine commercial boats by guys who run these boats every day. The idea is to race the clock - best time wins.  Commercial fishermen come from all over trying for a year's worth of  braggin' rights .

You can see more, including a great YouTube video, by clicking the Calvert Watermen's website at :

Monday, September 19, 2011
We were up early and in our rental car headed for BWI airport.  I had a scheduled trip to Florida and Cindy was flying to Dayton, OH to visit our niece, Sarah, and to get her baby-fix with Xavier and brand-new Samantha Anne.  This required a level of planning to which we are no longer accustomed.

Trip Planning:

  • Book a one-way rental car to BWI (not easy in little Solomon's).
  • Book two fights on Monday morning at close to the same departure time, to two different destinations.
  • Book two return flights on Saturday from two different locations at close to the same arrival time.
  • Book another one-way rental car, from BWI to Solomons.
  • Arrange for a ride from Solomons to Lexington Park to pick the first rental car.
  • Arrange for a ride from Lexington Park back to Solomons after the second rental car.
  • Do all of this within the constraints of two different Frequent Flier programs.
Morning Star looked like Mission Control with two laptops, a couple of Droid phones and an iPad working overtime to get this trip coordinated.  Cindy thinks that hurricane prep is easier.  But it was worth it.  My trip to Florida went off without a hitch and Cindy had a great time in Ohio.  

Monday, September 26, 2011
The Krogen Rendezvous is the end of this week but boats will start showing up on Monday.  Once again, I'm the dock master (no scratched paint in previous years) so I will be busy for the next several days.  Although there won't be any formal activities until Thursday, there will be plenty to do in the mean time.  We wound up with about 30 boats and over 100 people in attendance.  Plenty of good food, good drinks and good fellowship.  Saturday night was the Chef's contest, a four-way grilling cookoff.  Cindy's team, "Poulet de Mer" (Chicken Of The Sea!) fixed an heirloom chicken recipe that was delicious.  The judges couldn't decide so the decision was by popular acclamation.  We all applauded for our favorite team and the winner was........a four-way tie!  
Once again we had our favorite band "Classic Case" providing the entertainment.  They are gaining house-band status since this is the fourth or fifth consecutive year they have played.  We all danced until well past Krogen-midnight (9PM).
Sunday morning was cool and breezy when time came to break up our raft-up but it went off without a hitch.  No insurance claims were filed!  Yeah!

The Krogen Crawl - walking the docks and visiting with friends is the best part of the Rendezvous.

Pretty boats all in a row.  Boatshow-style docking.  There's room for everybody.

The Chef Challenge Cook-off.

Representing Team Poulet de Mer - Cindy and Larry Bateman

Another tragic kitchen accident!

Monday, October 10, 2011 -  Columbus Day
Wednesday, after the Rendezvous, I had a trip to the Master Pools meeting in Oklahoma City.  I came back sick on Saturday night.  It was a GI bug that got passed around the meeting (probably 20 of us were sick at one time or another that week) and I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to get on the airplane on Saturday afternoon.  But I did.  I slept in my own bed on Saturday night and Cindy fixed a nice breakfast on Sunday and I was on the mend.

We had an appointment for a "short-haul" first thing on Monday.  We were going to pull the boat out of the water, clean the bottom, inspect everything, change the zincs and be back in the water in two hours, tops.  Wrong!  They pulled the boat out and started washing the bottom off and the anti-fouling paint washed off like it was melting.  The water looked like blue milk-VERY disappointing.  Since the bottom paint is only a year old, this was VERY VERY VERY disappointing.  We would normally expect at least two or three years out of a bottom job but we had no real choice but to have the bottom repainted.  Alan, the yard manager at Spring Cove, was able to perform a miracle and have us back in the water on Tuesday afternoon with fresh paint.  

Backing the TravelLift into position.  

We seem to be getting cold snaps frequently now and the leaves are starting to show some color.  Every day we see more Canada geese flying south, reminding us that its time for us to leave.  Ready-Set--Go---as soon as we have a good weather window.