The Route South

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Big Apple

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Today we will reconnoiter.  We are going to figure out how to go into "the City" for lunch and a look around.  Understand, we are not big city people.  Haven't spent much time in big cities and don't really care much for crowds.  We have little experience with public transportation.  Busses, trains and subways are pretty far outside our experience.  But we are trying to do better.  We figured out the Tube in London and it worked well for us.  When we visited Montreal we used the subway with success.  In Baltimore we took the light rail to the baseball game.  But somehow, NYC seems like a bigger deal.  Yeah, I know, millions of people do this every day.  Even young kids.  So we studied up and went for it!
We were planning to take the bus to the ferry terminal and take the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan.  We were standing alongside the road waiting for the bus when the Commodore of the yacht club where we are moored drove by.  We met Dave Barr in the yacht club bar during lunch yesterday.  He is a retired NYC cop, a detective with over 20 years and a nice guy.  He insisted on loading us into his car and taking us to the train station.  Thanks Dave!  

NYC iconography,  The Statue of Liberty and the Staten Island Ferry.
Yes, that's a Krogen on the left.
Downtown Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry

Monday June 11, 2012
Sister Jane and Sam are coming for a visit today.  For some time we have been talking about meeting up when we get to NYC and its finally coming together.  They drove over from Allentown on Monday morning and we took the train and Staten Island Ferry into the City, where we toured for the entire day,  We stopped for lunch at Ellen's Stardust Dinner on Broadway.  The servers are all Broadway wannabes and they sing while they work.  These kids are all very talented and are using this gig to pay some bills while hoping to get discovered.  We had a great day. 


Ellen's Stardust Diner on Broadway, where all the wait staff aspires to a bigger stage.

St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

Out of the ashes - a new World Trade Center.

Times Square
Team photo in Great Kills, Staten Is, NY after a great day in the City.