The Route South

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The (real) Jersey Shore

Thursday June 7, 2012
After a good night's sleep, its time to climb back on the horse.  At 0720 the engine was warmed up and the anchor was coming aboard when Cindy suddenly announced that she couldn't shift the boat into gear!  Yikes!!  After quickly dropping the anchor again, I checked the shift cable connections under the dash - OK here.  I jumped down into the engine room and discovered that the fitting which attaches the shift cable to the shifter had become disconnected.  The offending cotter pin was lying there in plain sight and it only took a few seconds to reconnect everything and we were under way again.  

The anchorage at the Cape May Coast Guard station

By shortly after 0730 we were out Cape May Inlet into the Atlantic.  There was a gentle 2-3 ft. swell with some wind waves on top, but everything was going in our direction, Yeah!
At 1250 we entered Absecon Inlet and less than a half-hour later we were snuggly anchored at Brigantine, just across the inlet from Atlantic City.  We had beautiful view of the casinos but were out of their budget- busting reach.  
Before the afternoon was over, we had rain and wind, up to 27 knots, but before sunset it had quieted down and the night was calm and peaceful.
37 nm

An ominous looking line squall in the afternoon leads to...

...A peaceful night with the casino lights reflecting off the water-Atlantic City, NJ

Friday June 8, 2012 - Cindy's birthday!
Today is Cindy's birthday and my present to her is that we will run inside, up the New Jersey ICW instead of going outside in the Atlantic.  By 0700 the anchor was aboard and we were slowly sneaking back out the narrow entrance to the Brigantine anchorage, seeing a minimum of 6.7' on our depth sounder at low tide.  We will have a rising tide for most of the day.  At 1000 we made a 30 minute fuel and water stop at Beach Haven Y.C. and Marina.  They have the best price on fuel north of the Chesapeake.  We topped off the tank at $3.40 per gallon!  I fixed Cindy a birthday-lunch as she steered past Barnegat Inlet.  Barnegat Bay is a very large, relatively shallow body of water and it was 1600 before we finished with it.  We anchored for the night in the Metedeconk River, in excellent position to negotiate Manasquan Inlet tomorrow morning.
56 nm

Saturday June 9, 2012
Another early start!  Our start was timed in order to traverse the Point Pleasant canal at something close to slack water so the anchor is aboard and we are under way well before 0600.  As we exited the canal we became part of a huge mass of boats heading out the inlet.  It is saturday morning and EVERYBODY that has a boat is headed out to fish this morning.  There is a traffic jam at the RR bridge but it sorted itself out eventually and we were through the inlet and into the Atlantic shortly after 0630.  The fishing boats are so thick that we couldn't just set the autopilot and sit back while it steered us north toward New York.  We had to hand-steer until we were well past Asbury Park (of Bruce Springsteen fame).  

Part of the fishing fleet off Asbury Park, NJ

By 1000 Sandy Hook was abeam and an hour later we entered the harbor at Great Kills, our home for the next few days.  A quick call on VHF ch.9 and the Richmond County Yacht Club instructed us which mooring to pick up.  And just as quick as all that, we were through with New Jersey.  Where is Snookie anyway?!?
39 nm