The Route South

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Sunday, October 28, 2012
It was only last Saturday that we left Solomon's. We had several good traveling days, stopping at Reedville and Hampton, VA and Elizabeth City, NC, but by Wednesday afternoon the weather forecast convinced us to take shelter from the impending Hurricane Sandy.  Cindy called what has become one of our favorite stops, Morehead City Yacht Basin and made a reservation. Late on Thursday afternoon we pulled in and tucked Morning Star into a cozy slip in the corner of the marina. We won't be immune from the wind and waves here but the surrounding land, docks and other boats will serve to make our stay tolerable. Betty and Jill on LiLi (KK48), Two Can (with Al and his two delightful grown daughters), Jim and Robin on Adventures (Defever 49) and Ted and Nancy on Aloha Friday (Defever 44) all came in throughout the next day. We rented a car from Enterprise on their weekend special which gave us mobility to go to the grocery store, out to lunch and to help stave off boredom. Last night the wind gusted to over 50 kts. while we celebrated Jill's birthday aboard LiLi.   It's been a good weekend to watch football on TV, read and nap. We are going to be here a while. It's going to be Wednesday before the winds drop below 30 kts! 

Its a good thing our insurance company doesn't allow us into Florida during hurricane season.  Its too dangerous there!

Hurricane Sandy is a big honking' storm!

The forecast track is well off shore but the wind field extends 250 miles out from the center!

Morning Star tucked safely away in the corner of Morehead City Yacht Basin.