The Route South

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Postcards from the ICW - #2

Elizabeth's Dock, an idyllic country setting.
After almost three hours of delay caused by recalcitrant bridges in Norfolk/Portsmouth, we finally slipped into the Dismal Swamp canal.  The delays caused us to be late for the 1:30 PM lock opening, but Deep Creek lock master Robert Peake took pity on us, opening the lock for an unscheduled passage.  We locked through with Dream Weaver, Paul and Karen Schneider's KK48 Whaleback, and a sailboat.  Robert invited us for coffee tomorrow morning at 8 AM.  

Shortly after clearing the lock we pulled over and tied up at Elizabeth's Dock, a small dock and public park donated in memory of..well...Elizabeth.  It was a beautiful spot.  Oh yeah, and it was free!

Randy & Cindy