The Route South

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Postcard from the Bahamas #8

Hope Town is a prosperous little community.  Clearly, tourism is its main industry and there must be hundreds of rental houses and a couple of small hotels.  Some are new and modern but the real plums are the old cottages which have been rehabbed.
We are enjoying our stay in Hope Town.  Its fun to revisit our old haunts and see what’s new in town, but we will be moving again soon.

Best Regards,
Randy & Cindy
Morning Star
lying Hope Town,Abaco, Bahamas

Hummingbird Cottage is a rehabbed old cottage which does double duty as an art gallery.  It is beautiful inside!
Hopetown Harbour Lodge has been here since before we started coming to the Abacos almost 40 years ago.  25 rooms in a wonderful setting.  The pool and outdoor bar/restaurant sit on top of the bluff overlooking the beach and ocean reef.
Another rental overlooking the harbor.
The view from the public park.  A beautiful, tranquil setting.